The role of heat pumps in the UK’s energy transition

Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy is key to meeting our 2050 Net Zero target. At Zeuner we are expert at implementing geothermal heating and cooling technologies to reduce our clients’ energy costs and minimise their carbon footprint. Our sustainable energy solutions will play an important role in the green revolution and allow organisations large and small to accelerate their transition to a cleaner future.

A new report by The National Audit Office highlighted that heat pump installations need to accelerate if the UK is to meet the government’s target of 600,000 heat pumps installations a year by 2028. The clean heat market mechanism is due to take effect from April 2025 and is designed to increase heat pump installations to deliver two thirds of the installation target by 2028. 

Low carbon energy solutions

Part of the challenge for driving the energy transition is accessing the expertise needed to deliver robust systems. As well as homeowners, businesses and public bodies are demanding more sustainable energy solutions. Many organisations are not waiting for policy makers to drive the agenda. They understand that they need to keep ahead of the curve and find experienced partners to help them achieve their clean energy goals.

At Zeuner we have spent the last decade helping decarbonise commercial buildings using low carbon heating and cooling solutions. Our geothermal heating and cooling technologies help drive energy efficiency to reduce operating costs and secure significant reductions in emissions.

Zeuner’s heat pump systems use a minimum amount of electricity to capture and move a large amount of freely available energy. Our water-to-water heat pumps are packaged heating/cooling units, that can meet any building load requirement and depending on the project, are capable of providing heating or cooling across the range of -1oC to 65oC.

We have built a reputation for delivering bespoke solutions that are designed to deliver value for all stakeholders. That not only involves installing new ground source heat pump systems, it also includes many older generation heat pumps that are deemed by some as no longer fit for purpose. Our team is expert at assessing their integrity and finding ways of extending their usefulness by integrating the latest technologies. In so doing, we can support the circular economy at the same time as helping our clients benefit from effective and efficient systems that can stand the test of time.

Future fit

Be it FTSE 100 property developers, public sector organisations or culture and heritage bodies, Zeuner’s diverse client base highlights a shifting mindset. They know that adopting more efficient energy systems will help them future proof their operations. Adopting more sustainable technology is not only a moral imperative but is key to building resilience in the face of climate change and adapting to a heating planet. Accessing low carbon heating and cooling from a single system brings immeasurable benefits.

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