Primary Energy Control Management Systems

When considering the mechanical arrangement, it is also imperative that this design is transposed through an appropriate building management control arrangement. Our systems therefore included for total autonomy over the operation of the primary plant. This provides a control that offers resilience, transparency of performance data and simple and central interface access point for the client(s) to keep up to date with steady operation remotely.

Our systems are designed, installed and commissioned to allow access remotely as well as locally for ease of use. These are linked to our engineer support server to help ensure client support moving forwards. In addition to Zeuner Limited engineer support, we also have agreements in place to link directly to differing manufacturer engineer support teams through high level diagnostic pages, helping us provide further reassurance to our clients. This increases not only speed of response in an issue or emergency, but it also gives the ability to trend and flag changes in functionality and/or efficiency to limit downtime and energy over usage. It is with this collaborative partnership between Zeuner Limited and partner manufacturers, that extended warranties can be provided at no additional client cost.

The potential damage when a control system fails is not only financial, it’s reputational too; so doing everything possible to avoid incidents is a worthwhile investment.

Our ‘Resilience’ approach brings a level of expertise that goes beyond standard engineering practices.

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