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At Zeuner Limited we offer full turn key solutions to our partners.


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Management of scheme to completion

Professional SMSTS trained personnel

Management of BSRIA Soft Landings

The soft landings approach provides the best opportunity for producing low-carbon buildings that meet their design targets. It includes fine-tuning in the early days of occupation and provides a natural route for post-occupancy evaluation. During design and construction, Soft Landings helps performance-related activities to be carried out more systematically. There is some extra work during the three-year aftercare period, but the costs are modest in relation to the value added to the client’s building.

At Zeuner Limited, we take system and life cycle costs very seriously and you are looked after at all junctions to the best of our ability.  This ability to provide a finer and smoother detailed service is intrinsically linked to the primary control systems that we provide.  In our constant efforts to fine tune the system to manage the proportional integral loops we are confident as a business that we can help ensure carbon savings are managed, a report of which can be submitted to you in board ready format on a periodical basis, as part of our maintenance services.

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